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Charges for Oriental Rug Care and Restoration

Wash Wool Carpets

$5.00 square foot

Wash Silk Carpets

$7.00 square foot*

Wash Navajo Carpets

$7.00 square foot*

Wash Specialty Rugs*

   (Chinese 90L, Flocatti, Color Runs, Urine, Odor or Excessive dirt)

$6.00-$7.00 square foot*

Stain Removal

In-Store Estimate*

Block Rug

In-Store Estimate


$1.50 square foot

Wrap for Storage

In-Store Estimate

Rug Padding (Available for both hard surfaces and wall-to-wall)

In-Store Estimate

Secure Ends

$20.00-$30.00 linear foot

Wrap Selvedge

$24.00-$35.00 linear foot

Vinyl Edging (For Curling Rugs)

$20 linear foot

Reweave Holes or Damaged Areas

In-Store Estimate*

Fringe repair or replacement

In-Store Estimate*

Pick Up and Delivery

Call for Estimate

Appraisals (ORRA Certified)

$50.00 verbal, each rug
$100.00 written, each rug

*$60 minimum on all services, $80 minimum for silk, Navajo, and specialty rugs. Shipping charges may be required for some rugs.


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