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Care Tips for Oriental Rugs

Submitted by Peter Cohen, The Magic Carpet

Hand-knotted Oriental rugs have been a prized possession of people worldwide for centuries, with the oldest rug known, the Scythian Pazyryk, woven over 2400 years ago. At The Magic Carpet, we specialize in Oriental rugs that are hand-knotted with age-old weaving methods using hand-carded, hand-spun and vegetable dyed wool. Rugs like these are valued for their durability, warmth and extraordinary beauty, and they can last generations if properly cared for.

Oriental rug washing and drying at The Magic Carpet.

Oriental rug washing and drying
at The Magic Carpet.

Here are some tips for professional maintenance.

  • Washing: Professionally hand-washing your Oriental rugs every 3-5 years is one of the best things you can do for them! Proper cleaning removes dirt and pests, washes out stains and odors, brightens the overall appearance, and is vital to a rug’s longevity.
    Since 1980, The Magic Carpet has cleaned thousands of rugs by hand, using cold water, natural cleansers and a freshening vinegar wash. It takes years of experience to know how to work with different types of stains, fabrics, dyes and emergencies that may arise, in order to bring the best out of each rug. The human touch allows for special attention to potential problem areas of the rug. Proper hand-washing will preserve the primary oils and lanolin that protect your rug and provide it with beauty and luster.
  • Repairing: Often, after five to ten years of use, your rug could also require a little professional preventative maintenance. Your rug’s ends may need to be re-secured to prevent the pile from unraveling. Similarly, the protective wrapping along your rug's edges, known as the selvage, may need rebinding from time to time. These small problems left unrepaired usually become bigger restoration projects. The Magic Carpet offers full professional repair services ranging from basic maintenance procedures to the meticulous restoration of damaged and worn areas requiring re-weaving.

Here are some tips for simple home care.

  • Padding: Padding designed specifically for Oriental rugs should be placed under every rug to help protect from wear, dirt, slippage and wrinkling. The Magic Carpet offers proper padding for use on wall-to-wall carpeting as well as hard surfaces.
  • Vacuuming: We suggest you vacuum regularly, with minimal use of beater bars which can cause excessive wear to the pile and damage the fringe. Even so, dirt will collect in rugs and compact into the foundation compromising a rug’s structure. Once or twice a year, it’s good to vacuum the back of your rug as well.
  • Moths: Moths love dirty rugs and undisturbed areas. Check for moth activity periodically, especially if rugs are under furniture, or are being stored. If moth activity is found, call us promptly.
  • Rotation: Rugs that are exposed to excessive sunlight or traffic should be rotated periodically to distribute wear more evenly.
  • Accidents: Spills and accidents should be addressed immediately. The longer these substances sit in rugs the more likely dyes can run and stains can become permanent. In general, blot or scoop up as much from the surface as possible, working from spill edges towards the center, without rubbing material further into the rug. After spills are contained, we encourage calling The Magic Carpet for guidance.

At the Magic Carpet, we bring over 30 years of experience to every rug we service. We inspect each rug individually and offer expert guidance for wash and restoration options as necessary. Our goal is to bring the best out of your Oriental rug, preserving its value and beauty for years to come.

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