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Afghan Ferahan. Vegetable dyed, handmade Oriental rug circa 2000. A classical persian design hand woven by Afghan weavers.

Afghan Ferahan
circa 2000.

For well over two thousand years, Oriental rugs have been prized not only for their beauty and functionality but also for their amazing durability. Since 1980, The Magic Carpet has taken great pleasure in providing our customers with a unique collection of antique, semi-antique and new Oriental rugs, with a special emphasis on one-of-a-kind tribal rugs.

Today is a very exciting period in the history of Oriental rug weaving. It could be said that we are currently experiencing the "Golden Age" of Oriental rugs. Never before has there been so many high quality handmade rugs with such wonderfully varied palates and designs.

We, at The Magic Carpet, have hand picked through thousands of rugs to bring you some of the most beautiful, durable and collectable rugs on the market. We are especially excited to be working with several Cultural Survival Programs (The DOBAG, Barakat, Tibetan and Ersari Cultural Survival Projects). These projects are producing superior quality vegetable dyed carpets from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Turkey and India. We believe these exquisite rugs will be the antiques of the future.

Semi antique Caucasian Fachralo Kazak. circa 1920

Caucasian Fachralo Kazak
circa 1920.

We invite you to experience the unique charm and eternal beauty of our many stunning semi-antique and antique Persian, Russian, Afghan, Indian and Tibetan rugs. Much of the charm of the older pieces is due to the balanced well drawn designs done with harmonious vegetable dyes and to a wool with an abundance of sheen, strength and elasticity.

We also have a beautiful and unique collection of contemporary Oriental rugs to choose from. We have highly knotted classical wool and silk rugs from China, India and Persia (Iran). As well as an incredible collection of village tribal rugs from Turkey (Anatolia), Russia (Caucasus), Persia (Iran), Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Tibet, Nepal and China. One of the most impressive parts of our Oriental rug collection are the rugs being made by Afghan weavers using hand spun, vegetable dyed wool. Many of these dynamic rugs have the appearance of 80 year old masterpieces and will grace homes for decades to come.

We invite you to explore the fascinating world of Oriental rugs and feast your eyes on treasures from the East.

A thing of beauty, is a joy forever.

Paul and Eileen Jorgensen

Oriental rugs have enchanted and fascinated owners and viewers throughout the world for centuries. They are the embodiment of beauty, and when we open ourselves to their message and take delight in their exotic designs, we enrich our lives immeasurably.


Oriental Rug Glossary ~ Definitions of common rug types and terminology.