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Freshly minted rugs from the DOBAG project in Turkey.

Freshly minted rugs from the
DOBAG project in Turkey.

DOBAG Cultural Survival Project

DOBAG, a Turkish acronym for Natural Dye Research and Development Project, is responsible for weaving some of the finest carpets in the world today. This highly successful Cultural Survival Project was started in 1982 by Dr. Harold Bohmer in the villages south of Istanbul, Turkey. The DOBAG project has restored the integrity of the ancient folk art of hand weaving carpets and established in these villages the first ever woman’s rug weaving cooperative in the Islamic world.


Barakat School Grand Opening

Barakat school opening ceremony.

Barakat Cultural Survival Project

In 1999, Chris Walter and others founded the non-profit organization called Barakat, Inc. This name is an Arabic and Persian term often used after a satisfying transaction and to bestow blessings and good will upon the other party. This organization is dedicated to providing educational opportunities to various ethnic groups associated with carpet weaving in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India and to preserve the earth’s environment.


Ersari Weavers at work

Ersari Weavers at work.

Barakat Ersari Cultural Survival Project

In l988, Chris Walter founded the Cultural Survival Ersari Project with Afghan Turkmen refugees in North Pakistan.


Celebrating opening of a new school.

Residents of Chungba Valley, Tibet
celebrate opening of their new school.

Tibetan Cultural Survival Project

The Cultural Survival Tibetan Project, was founded by Chris Walter in 1990. The basis of this project is much like the Ersari Project. It explores the rich heritage of the Tibetan weaving tradition through the use of vegetable dyes, hand carded and hand spun wool.