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Decorating with Oriental rugs?

Submitted by Carolien van Straten, The Magic Carpet

For over two thousand years, people have adorned their dwellings, from nomadic tents to royal palaces, with beautiful, durable rugs. Today, these wonderful works of art under foot continue to bring harmony and comfort to our homes. But choosing the right rugs can be an overwhelming task with so much variety in quality, construction and design. Luckily, a basic understanding of what gives value to rugs, and how to select them, is easy to obtain. The Magic Carpet is happy to provide this type of education, and help with your decorating decisions. Let’s go on a brief house tour for some modern-day rug decorating tips.

Rugs from The Magic Carpet decorate a living room.

Rugs from The Magic Carpet decorate a living room.

Your entry way might see lots of traffic, so a rug that’s very durable would be perfect. The beauty of a good hand-knotted rug is that with proper washing, virtually all dirt and stains will come out and the rug will shine for years. With all rugs, for safety and longevity, we highly encourage using non-slip pads.

Your living room rug is one of the main statements of the house. Start by measuring your space, considering the maximum and minimum possibilities for both dimensions. Decide if furniture will be on or beside rugs, take into account air vents, and if possible leave some space from walls. Pianists may enjoy a rug under their piano, both to accentuate their instrument and to soften the sound.

Further focal points in a home are the dining room and kitchen, and Oriental rugs add a warm and homey element. Under the dining table your rug should be large enough for legs of chairs to remain on the rug when in use, making it easy to move chairs, while protecting your floors. Remember to rotate rugs at least once a year so sun and traffic are more evenly distributed. This applies to any rug in your home. We recommend treating windows that get lots of sun with clear UV window protection. Hallways usually have less light so you might consider a lighter rug there.

Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary by adding a beautiful Oriental rug! Stepping out of bed onto its wooly texture is a sensual treat and its color can tie together your linens, curtains and other furniture.

You will love rugs in your bathroom for their warmth and contrast. If moist, just hang them up so they get a chance to dry out.

Many people put rugs on their staircases to soften the sound of steps. Special attention is required for measuring and installation. We have the expertise to guide you and get you the proper hardware.

Considering that an Oriental rug is a work of art, your walls can offer fantastic display areas, and also provide the benefit of dampening sound.

A rug can add design and comfort to your office, creating a wonderfully inviting atmosphere for your own enjoyment, as well as for receiving clients.

For ongoing maintenance, vacuum regularly with suction only, and every two to five years bring your rugs to the Magic Carpet to have them professionally hand-washed to protect them from damage, to restore their vibrancy and luster, and to catch any necessary repairs.

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